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Below are some resources that MSAIV has either created or found helpful on a variety of topics related to interpersonal violence. Credit and copyright information are provided where applicable. MSAIV is not responsible for content in external links. Please contact us if you find any broken links, outdated information, or have any other questions or concerns.


De-escalating Potentially Violent Situations

  • Summary notes from MSAIV event and webinar from CRTI

De-escalation in Health Care: Practice Scenarios

  • Developed by MSAIV

Sexual Violence

Calgary Sexual Assault Response Team (CSART)

  • Specialized support and health care for individuals who have been sexually assaulted within the past 7 days

Sexual Violence Prevention (Alberta)

  • Resources for responding to sexual violence, ending structural violence, and supporting survivors

Intimate Partner Violence

Emergency Medicine

  • Screening tools and management

​Family Medicine

  • HITS screening tool: validated for verbal and written versions and for use with men and women

Danger Assessment Tool for Domestic Abuse

  • MDCalc tool to assess risk of death by an intimate partner (IP) in a violent intimate relationship

Trauma Informed Care

Gender Based Violence

INCITE! Gender Violence & Race

  • "INCITE! addresses violence against women of color (including trans women) and trans/queer people of color as a combination of “violence directed at communities,” such as police violence, war, and colonialism, and “violence within communities,” such as rape and domestic violence."

Sexual Violence Against Queer & Trans Communities (via SACE)

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