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Current Executive Members

PARKER LIEB 2021-2023 Calgary

Parker (he/they) is a medical student at the University of Calgary who previously worked and volunteered for over a decade in the field of violence prevention, education, and crisis intervention. Parker is passionate about addressing sexual violence and gender-based violence, and ensuring that safe and accessible trauma informed care is available for everyone.

Alumni & Past Executive Members
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ERICA MARR 2021-2022 Calgary

As a Crisis Intervention Support Worker, Erica (she/her) has experience providing emotional support, information, and resources to individuals who have been impacted by various forms of sexual violence. Now, as a medical student at the University of Calgary, Erica's goals include continuing to engage in anti-sexual violence advocacy work and to encourage a culture of consent within the medical community. She brings her passion for person-centered and trauma-informed care to the MSAIV team.


MEL MOK 2021-2022 Calgary

Mel (she/her) previously worked as a community health nurse in the Northwest Territories. In that role, and in her previous work in harm reduction addiction services, Mel cared for many people who have experienced interpersonal violence. She is looking forward to continuing to provide trauma informed medical care and connecting with other medical students interested in this topic.


TAELOR EVANS 2020-2021 Calgary

Taelor Evans is a medical student at the University of Calgary. With a background in neuroscience, she is interested in better understanding the relationship between violence and neurobiological functioning. Taelor has a passion for bringing greater awareness to the downstream effects of domestic violence on childhood brain development. She is eager to continue this mission throughout her time with MSAIV and as a health practitioner in the future. 


ERICA LINDQUIST 2020-2021 Calgary

Erica Lindquist is a medical student at the University of Calgary. Her past experience is in education and working with marginalized youth. Erica intends to contribute to creating safer spaces by implementing workshops on identifying and managing microaggression, particularity involving racism and oppression.

HANNAH BYLES 2019-2020 Calgary

Hannah studied health sciences with a specialization in child health at McMaster University. Through various opportunities at McMaster, she developed an interest in understanding the impact of interpersonal violence and the importance of trauma informed care. She continued this passion through MSAIV and is excited for her future learning and work in the health care field. 


MIRNA MATTA 2019-2020 Calgary

Mirna is passionate about women’s health, LGBTQ2S+ rights and IPV awareness and training. Crystal and Mirna worked together to create the first annual Intimate Partner Violence Workshop in 2019 with the help of Dr. Prism Schneider, a trauma surgeon and her research team. Through this workshop medical students were able to learn more about IPV and practice interviewing standardized patients. Mirna hopes that this workshop will be implemented as part of the UME curriculum and in medical schools across Canada.


JOAN TU 2019-2020 Calgary

Founding Member

Joan Tu is interested the social determinants of health, gender and equity, and student advocacy in medicine. She is a parent, an author, and the founder of MSAIV.


MEGG WYLIE 2019-2020 Calgary

Within MSAIV, Megg’s goals included raising the profile of interpersonal violence in medical studies and medical service provision. Megg has a commitment to serving the Calgary inner-city community and as such Megg’s particular research and advocacy interests include: older adult/age-friendly service provision, experiences of addiction and homelessness, and harm reduction.


JADE PARK 2019-2020 Calgary

Jade completed a Master of Public Health in Global Health and continued pursuing her interests in preventative health, women’s health, and the health of marginalized populations with MSAIV. More specifically, Jade increased the medical community's awareness of and action against interpersonal violence.


KEDRA PETERSON 2019-2020 Calgary

Founding Member

Kedra contributed an enthusiastic voice to the creative endeavors at MSAIV. Her unique interests include acute care, fostering inclusivity in medicine and the positive impact that effective communication can have on patients as well as the health care team.


MURPHY WATSON 2019-2020 Calgary

Founding Member

Murphy Watson is passionate about rural medicine, women's health, methods of harm reduction, and LGBTQ2S+ health. She expanded the reach of MSAIV through the creation of unique and engaging forms of media.


CRYSTAL LIU 2019-2020 Calgary

Founding Member

Crystal has a passion for promoting health equity, advocate for the vulnerable population, and improving medical education. She co-organized a novel Intimate Partner Violence workshop through the use of standardized patients that provided a stimulating environment to help medical students to learn how to best provide care for those who have been impacted by violence.

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